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Platinum FAQ's
Question: Why does Platinum cost more than Gold?
Answer: First, you get more precious metal when you buy Platinum. Platinum jewelry is more pure than gold jewelry: 90 or 95 percent pure, in most cases as opposed to 14-karat which is 58.5 percent gold or 18-karat which is 75 percent gold. In addition, platinum is more rare -there is less platinum in the world and it takes more effort to get it out of the ground and refine it -and platinum is heavier. A ring in 900 platinum weighs 60 percent more than the same ring in 14-karat gold. But platinum's density means it wears better than gold and needs less maintenance over the years. For example, expensive gemstones, including the Hope Diamond, are usually set in platinum prongs because they hold more securely.

Question: What is the difference between platinum and white gold?
Answer: Platinum is a natural white metal. White gold, on the other hand, is alloyed with yellow gold and other metals to achieve a white look, and is sometimes also plated to maintain its white color. Some white gold alloys contain nickel, which causes an allergic reaction in some people. If you look closely at both white gold and platinum, you will see that the color and the look are not the same although they are both white metals. Besides the look, platinum also has a very different feel. Ninety percent platinum weighs 60 percent more than 14-karat gold.

Question: Does platinum scratch?
Answer: Yes, signs of wear, including scratches, will appear. But this is the case with all precious metals. When platinum is scratched, there is very little loss of platinum, unlike other metals. Platinum can be polished by a jeweler to remove scratches.

Question: Do I have to clean platinum differently than I clean my other fine jewelry?
Answer: No, a pre-packaged jewelry cleaner works just fine. You can also use a mild liquid soap and a toothbrush to clean behind stones. A soft nonabrasive cloth is a good way to remove fingerprints and smudges.

Question: Does platinum tarnish?
Answer: No. It also doesn't oxidize or react to chlorine (like some precious metals). Over time your platinum may develop a patina, which your jeweler can remove if you don't like it.

Question: I have an allergic reaction to some precious metals. Won't it be the same for platinum?
Answer: No. Platinum will not cause an allergic reaction like alloys in other precious metals sometimes do. Platinum's purity makes it the perfect choice for people with allergies.


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