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Hello, I am Gregory S. Nash, President of Nash Jewelry Inc., a family owned and operated business in West Palm Beach, Florida since 1955. My company specializes in appraising jewelry for attorneys, trust companies, banks, and insurance companies. In addition to valuing diamonds and fine jewelry in the settlement of estates, claims, and divorce proceedings, my service includes testifying in court as a jewelry expert on behalf of my clients.

I have been appraising jewelry as a   G.I.A. Gemologist with the Gemological Institute of America since 1984. I pledge that all appraisals will be accurate, detailed, and reasonably priced. We offer same day service and will even travel on site to make appraisals in the comfort and privacy of your own business offices.

During my many years of service, we have appraised jewelry for companies such as :

U.S. Trust, Northern Trust, Bank of Boston, Sun Bank, Wells Fargo Bank  Comercia, and Bessemer Trust Co. My company also helps settle insurance claims by replacing jewelry at wholesale costs for the following companies:  Auto Owners, Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide, CNA, Chubb, Independent Fire, Hartford, CJW and Ohio Casualty.

Our appraisals which are scheduled by appointment are conducted in the strictest of confidence. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed by either the quality or the cost of our professional service.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest opportunity.

Gregory S. Nash
G.I.A. Gemologist

I. What is an Appraisal?
An appraisal is an opinion as to the authenticity, quality, design and value of jewelry items.

II. Insurance Replacement value Appraisal
The values declared on this appraisal relate to the cost of duplicating the lost items at current market values. If the stones are mounted, the grading of color, cut, clarity and weight are of necessity approximate. In the case of gemstones, a positive identification of the stone and its quality is not always possible unless the stones are removed from the mounting.

III. Estate Appraisal
This requires an appraisal of the cash value of an item, based on what a willing buyer and a willing seller would agree to without a forced sale. An estate evaluation often consists of a number of pieces of jewelry, a variety of types, some in fair condition, while others may be badly worn. An estate appraisal is based on the premise that the estate is to be liquidated. Since it does not consider selling costs nor current prices for labor or creative design, this type of appraisal is normally lower than appraisals for replacement value.

IV. Jewelry Insurance
A homeowner's insurance policy and Apartment Tenants policies commonly include coverage for personal property and the value of jewelry is included in said limit of insurance. Most policies restrict jewelry coverage for theft, burglary, or robbery, however, further such insurance is usually for perils of fire, wind building collapse, theft, vandalism, etc. and not all risks including loss of property or loss of a single stone from the item. To obtain complete coverage to the full value of item's), an appraisal for each piece will be required and the coverage can be scheduled on your policy with a specific description of the item and an amount of insurance on each item. If you care to have proper coverage, a detailed professional appraisal from Nash Jewelry Inc. is paramount.

V. In Case of Loss
When the loss of an appraised jewelry item occurs, the importance of a properly prepared, detailed appraisal becomes very apparent. Nash Jewelry would be the best source for accurate quality replacement.

At the time of a loss, be sure your facts are substantiated and the police are immediately notified. Provide them with the details from your appraisal, which may assist them in a speedy closing of the investigation through prompt identification of your pieces. After filing the police report, notify your insurance agent.

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